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Flinders University


International students face many challenges when studying abroad. Among them, there are the language barrier and the cultural differences.

We were commissioned by Flinders University, a leading international university in Australia, to create a video series broadcasting actual students from Saudi Arabia: their life experience in Australia whilst being students, their on-campus experiences at Flinders University and the support the University provides to make those challenges manageable.

Flinders University

We worked alongside Flinders University team with the goal of showcasing the support the University provides and their actual on-campus experiences. The videos also portray the city of Adelaide surroundings, landscapes, safety of living, and community living.

Campaign Goal

The main goal of this video campaign was to promote Flinders University as a preferred destination for Saudi Arabian students. We wanted to produce, making use of a creative storytelling compelling for prospective students, a series that students’ feel warm when watching, nurturing their want to be a part of the Flinders University community. We developed a fun, conversational, and encouraging tone.

Senuelo staff Interviewed each international student to get involved in their stories, culture and point of view before the shooting sessions at Bedford Park Flinders University Campus resulting in 3 individual videos of each one of the interviewees, 1 video combination of the 3 previously mentioned saudi arabian students and 30 seconds and 60 second cuts of each one of the videos.


The series is composed of testimonials of three students from different careers and walks of life, having a connecting point in their country of origin. The strategy was focused on the welcoming atmosphere of the university for international students regardless of their culture, careers, experiences and walks of life.