Reimagining Education: Digital Marketing Strategies from Senuelo Advertising Transformed International Student Perspectives

Adelaide’s streets, alive with cultural richness, became the canvas for an educational marketing masterpiece in 2017. StudyAdelaide, a government-backed initiative, set out to revolutionise how the world viewed studying in Adelaide. This mission given to us was more than mere promotion; it was a venture into redefining the student experience and nurturing a closer bond between international students and the Australian lifestyle.

Reflecting on a Legacy: The Enduring Impact of a 2017 Campaign

As we step into 2024, it’s natural to look forward and embrace the new. Yet, sometimes, the past holds gems worth revisiting, especially when they have left an indelible mark. This is the case with #MyAdelaide 2017 campaign – a pioneering effort in educational marketing that continues to resonate and inspire, even seven years later.

Why look back now, you might ask? The answer is simple: curiosity and relevance. Despite the passing of years, questions and discussions about this campaign still flood our inboxes and social media channels. It seems that the creative ripples set in motion back in 2017 are still felt today. This enduring interest is a testament to the campaign’s innovative approach and its significant impact on reshaping perceptions of Adelaide as a study destination.

In this blog post, we dive into the essence of this award-winning campaign. We explore its strategy, creativity, and the outstanding results that not only won accolades but also changed the course of educational marketing narrative. This retrospective is not just about nostalgia; it’s about learning from the successes of the past and understanding how timeless marketing principles can still guide us in the ever-evolving landscape of international education.

So, join us on this reflective journey as we unravel the layers of a campaign that, years later, continues to be a benchmark in educational marketing and a beacon for cities aiming to attract international students.

The Challenge

In the global education arena, Adelaide was a hidden gem, often overlooked in favour of its more renowned Australian peers (Mostly Melbourne & Brisbane). The perception of Adelaide needed a makeover – it was time to unveil the vibrant educational and cultural experiences it had to offer to international students.

Innovative Campaign Strategy

At the core of the campaign was a commitment to authenticity and relatability. Utilising real experiences of StudyAdelaide ambassadors, the campaign provided a window into the daily lives of students, breaking away from conventional, polished marketing techniques to something more organic and engaging.

Impactful Results

The campaign’s success was evident in the numbers – 10k landing page visits, over 11 million views on YouTube, and a whopping 400k+ engagements on Facebook. These weren’t just statistics; they represented real engagement, real interest, and a shift in perception.

Recognition of Excellence 

The campaign’s impact was further solidified by its recognition, winning the South Australian Government Marketing Award for the Best Campaign Under $200k in 2017. This accolade highlighted the campaign’s creativity and its effectiveness in reshaping views.


#MyAdelaide campaign transcended the boundaries of traditional marketing. It was a cultural bridge, an exploration into the heart of Australian life, and a guide for international students to a city where education and lifestyle blend seamlessly.

Stay tuned as we delve into the details of the campaign that remains a topic of interest and admiration in the world of international education marketing.

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